Smart Ways To Make The Most Of Your Tiny Baltimore Maryland Apartments

Baltimore is a gorgeous place to live, but apartments are often small and carry a hefty price tag. Ranked as the fifth most expensive place to live, tiny Baltimore Maryland apartments are unfortunately commonplace. If you love the city, however, there’s no reason to lament the amount of space you have to live in as there are numerous ways that you can make the most of it!

Let In Light

It’s important to have plenty of windows that let in natural light and your walls should be painted a light color. Choose something neutral that can work with all styles and is bright enough to reflect light. Hanging mirrors can increase the look of space and adding an area rug for a pop of color can make your room appear larger.

Use Vertical Space

When it comes to storage in Baltimore Maryland apartments, you need to be smart about the way you utilize vertical space. The only way you can go is up, which is why books, art, pottery or anything else that may need storage can be stored high up on the wall on shelves.

Double Duty Furniture

When shopping for furniture for your tiny apartment, make sure you choose double duty furnishings that can provide storage and double as something else. For example, an old chest can be great for storing clothes or extra blankets while serving as a stylish coffee table. The space under your bed is easy to utilize as storage for shoes, clothing, bedding or other accessories.

Going With Small Seating

Entertaining with a small couch is possible, which is why you need seating that actually saves space. Use large floor pillows to help seat your guests when entertaining, and when you’re done, the floor pillows can be tucked away under the couch.

Creative Room Division

If your bedroom also needs to be your living space, it makes sense to creatively divide the room. Use a room divider or a bookshelf to help break up the space. A bookshelf is not only a great headboard for your bed, but a clever way to incorporate storage into an otherwise tiny space.

It’s possible to live in a small apartment and not feel like the walls are closing in on you. By choosing clever furnishings and using light colors on your walls, you can make the most of your new home.

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