The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist

The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist

When you view an apartment you need to consider having a checklist to ensure that you ask all the questions you should. Having a checklist ensures that you never leave a viewing only to remember that you forgot to ask about something important. There are certain points that you need to include in your checklist even if the apartment you view does not include this.

The Floor Plan

The floor plan of the apartment needs to be part of your checklist. You should have space to state how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are. You should also have spaces open to make notes about the rooms like the size and style of the kitchen and other living areas. You also need to consider the flooring of the apartment as you need to maintain it.

The Utilities

Your checklist has to include the utilities that you would use. You should find out if the utilities like gas, electricity, water and trash collection are included in the rent, covered by the owner or an additional fee you need to pay. You should also try to find out what the average cost of these bills is, but this might not be something that the agency will have on hand.


Ensure that your checklist has a spot for you to note which appliance will be part of the apartment. Appliances that you should list include dishwashers, microwaves, fridges and garbage disposals. If these are not included you have to consider if you have them or will need to purchase them as this could increase the overall costs of the apartment.

Cable And Internet

You should note where the cable connections are and whether they can be run to additional rooms. There are also some apartment buildings where only select providers are available. You should find out who these providers are and whether they offer you the services you want.


You should have a section for pets if you have one or not. If you do have a pet you need to ensure that the apartment allows them. If you don’t have a pet you should consider if you are comfortable in a building where pets are allowed. This is very important if you are allergic to animal hair.

The Parking

Parking spaces are important if you have a car and you should see if it is part of the rent or you have to pay an extra fee for spaces. There are many apartment buildings that do not have designated parking and you would need to park on the street. If this is the case you have to note down if there are any factors that could make parking difficult like stadiums in the area.

The Lease

Your checklist has to include certain parts of the lease. You should have a section for the length of the lease and the cost per month. You also need to consider spaces for information regarding breaking the lease.

Having an apartment hunting checklist is important when you view apartments. The checklist ensures you cover all the questions you may have and that you do not forget anything. You should tailor the checklist to your needs.

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